We're looking for startups focused on these areas around net zero. Applications are now closed.
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At Techstars, our mission is to help entrepreneurs succeed—and one of the best ways we do it is through deep collaboration. This Challenge brings together entrepreneurs, science, technology, and business leaders to work toward the complex goal of Net Zero. There is a real gap between intention and progress, making it tough for innovators and entrepreneurs to succeed. Sessions will dive into barriers, misconceptions and kickstart the collaboration needed to get the solutions available today into the market faster. This equity-free challenge is specifically for startups focused on carbon accounting and measurement, carbon removal and storage, and decarbonisation of heavy industry.
Wanted: Serious collaboration for Net Zero
Key Dates
April 15, 2021
Applications Open
August 2, 2021
Applications Close
The Challenge:
Zero Emissions by 2050
Humanity is in a race against the clock to halve greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and set a clear trajectory to zero emissions by 2050. In order to achieve Net Zero, we need science, technology, and business to work together on the mission to reduce emissions and remove carbon from the atmosphere.

The Techstars Innovation Challenge: Net Zero brings together founders, industry leaders, and subject matter experts working to accelerate the path to Net Zero. This challenge will focus on technologies that are available today and forge meaningful collaborations to help speed solutions to the market.

Specifically, this Challenge focuses on:
· Carbon Footprint Analysis
· Carbon Credit Verification

· Removal (including nature-based solutions)
· Permanent Storage
Carbon Accounting and Measurement
Carbon Removal and Storage
Submissions will be chosen by the judged potential impact via a panel selection of carbon reduction and carbon removal experts representing challenge partners and Techstars leaders. The submissions will be judged based on (1) problem solution fit, (2) scale of the solutions potential impact, and (3) ability to implement a pilot with an enterprise organization.
Selection Criteria
· Point-Source Capture and Conversion
· Reducing Carbon Emissions in Heavy Industry (steel and concrete)
· Carbon Utilization in Industry

A Challenge Focused on Startups
Startups expressing interest in this Challenge will be considered and reviewed by the Challenge Partners for alignment with potential pilot and business development areas for engagement. The most relevant and innovative startups will receive the following:

Formal Corporate BU Introductions
Pilot Workshop: Participate in a private workshop with our Challenge Partners. This is an opportunity to showcase your solution to our corporate partners and work with business units to identify opportunities to work together with the intention of identifying opportunities for pilot.

Techstars Sustainability Summit: A handful of startups will also be invited to pitch to the entire Techstars sustainability network including corporate leaders, investors, and others working in sustainable innovation.

*note: participation in the Pilot Workshop does not guarantee a Pilot
"The only sure path to stop climate change is to zero out greenhouse gas emissions as soon as possible."
Jonathan Foley
Executive Director, Project Drawdown